Rock & Stone 

Give your exterior a classic and elegant look. Rock and stone are both practical and decorative. Use these items to fill in gaps in your garden or create an entire rock garden with them. At Landscape Solutions & Nursery, you can choose from our wide inventory of rock and stone to give you and your neighbors a unique and beautiful view to enjoy.
  • Foundation Rock, Pea Gravel, and Manufactured Sand
  • Decorative Patio and Flagstone Rock
  • Texas Blend and Tres Rios River Rock
  • Lower Colorado River Basin Rock
  • Decayed Granite

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    Clean and consistent materials

  • Lower Colorado River Basin

    Lower Colorado River Basin

  • Local and distant varieties of rock

    Local and distant varieties of rock

  • Decayed Granite

    Decayed Granite


Our selection of rock and stone can provide even more eye candy for your landscape. Whether distant or local, rock and stone offer a classic and elegant look to any outdoor area. Select from our inventory of decorative, clean and consistent rock today when you visit our shop, or feel free to call us for more information.

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