Add top-of-the-line soil mixes to plants, grasses, flowers, vegetables, and other greeneries. The richer your soil foundation is for plant life, the better your garden will grow. Learn More

Find anything you need for your landscaping needs when you shop with us. Our affordable prices and friendly service will help make your yard the best it can be.
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Rock and stone deliver a unique look that can't be matched. Use these items to build and design hardscaping features that will give your property a new feel. 
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Our sand and gravel selection offers solutions that are perfect for foundation purposes or just decorative purposes for your home or  business landscape.
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Landscape Solutions & Nursery provides home and business owners throughout the greater Castroville, TX area with a full range of landscaping supplies to help turn your property into a work of art. From rock, stone, and gravel for decorative purposes to proper soil and compost to help plants and flowers in your garden, our selection of products is unmatched in terms of quality and affordability. 

For the best landscaping materials in the region, please give us a call, or stop by and visit us today.

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Visit Landscape Solutions & Nursery for your outdoor design and creation needs. Find a wide inventory and professional service that can't be beat.

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